Public Consultation

AI4REALNET project covers the perspective of AI-based solutions addressing critical systems (electricity, railway, and air traffic control) modeled by networks that can be simulated and traditionally operated by humans, and where AI complements and augments human abilities. In the AI4REALNET vision, high levels of human control and AI-based automation coexist with “optimal” balance. They are divided into a) full human control, b) co-learning between AI and humans, including adjustable autonomy, and c) trustworthy full AI-based control.


This survey aims to gather insights from AI4REALNET stakeholders regarding integrating AI-based systems within project use cases. We seek suggestions for enhancing use case descriptions and scenarios, refining the role of human operators, identifying potential threats, concerns, and vulnerabilities, and pinpointing relevant standardization efforts. Your feedback will contribute to developing AI4REALNET's framework, ensuring that AI-based solutions are implemented effectively and responsibly in critical infrastructure environments. Visit our use case description page.