Meet our sister projects



HumAIne researches, develops, validates, and promotes a novel Operating System for Human-AI collaboration. This system facilitates advanced decision-making applications in dynamic, unstructured environments across various industrial sectors. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Active Learning (AL), Neuro-Symbolic Learning (NL), Swarm Learning (SL), and eXplainable AI (XAI), all integrated into the HumAIne OS platform, HumAIne empowers AI solution integrators to create collaboration systems that surpass the capabilities of AI and humans working independently.


THEMIS 5.0 is making AI decisions easier to understand. We are accelerating the shift towards more trusted AI-enabled services by helping people unpack the ‘black box’ that are AI algorithms to better understand what data is used, and how decisions are reached, so they can influence improvements. Using a risk-based approach, our AI trustworthiness framework and intelligent coach will create an ecosystem through which AI-driven hybrid decision making occurs in accordance with the needs and moral values of specific users. Our co-creation, development and testing processes are taking place across three use case domains – healthcare, port logistics and journalism.


The vision of PEER is to revolutionize the current AI systems’ design processes. PEER project will address the barriers to accepting AI in sequential decision-making problems by systematically putting the user at the center of the entire AI design, development, deployment, and evaluation pipeline prioritizing user preferences in AI-enabled decision-making scenarios. We’re developing AI solutions designed to benefit both individuals and industries, with uses case in smart cities and manufacturing. That’s the future PEER is working towards.


The TANGO project is aiming to develop a framework for synergistic human-machine decision making over 4 years. It seeks to create trustworthy, human-centric AI systems for high-stakes scenarios like hospitals and courts, addressing current low adoption rates due to various barriers. By fostering a symbiosis between humans and machines, TANGO aims to create AI systems that users can trust in terms of reliability and genuine support, ultimately unlocking AI's potential for positive societal and economic impact.