Kick-off Meeting
Webinar: Distributed and Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning


3 April 2024, 12:00 – 13:15 (CET), Online


Webinar: Industry-driven use cases for AI


On April 3rd, we went live for our first webinar where we unveiled the transformative #AI4REALNET Project.



The Future of AI Innovation


During this event, we went deep into the AI4REALNET concept and revealed six compelling use cases developed in collaboration with key industrial partners. From optimizing power grid operations to revolutionizing railway and air traffic management, these use cases represent the forefront of AI innovation.



Agenda Highlights


  • Presentation of the AI4REALNET concept.
  • Use cases in power grid, railway, and air traffic management.


Missed this event?

Watch it HERE.



Download the slides below:


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